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Notice and Agenda of a Meeting of the

                                Beaumont Basin Watermaster

                                  Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

                           Meeting Location:                            Watermaster Members:

                 Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District                        City of Banning
                          560 Magnolia Avenue                                City of Beaumont
                       Beaumont, California 92223                Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District
                             (951) 845-9581                           South Mesa Water Company
                                                                      Yucaipa Valley Water District

           I.  Call to Order
          II.  Roll Call
               City of Banning:  Arturo Vela (Alternate: Michael Rock)
               City of Beaumont:  ____________ (Alternate: Kyle Warsinski)

               Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District:  Eric Fraser (Alternate: Tony Lara)
               South Mesa Water Company:  George Jorritsma (Alternate: Dave Armstrong)
               Yucaipa Valley Water District:  Joseph Zoba (Alternate: Jennifer Ares)
         III.  Pledge of Allegiance
          IV.  Public Comments   At this time, members of the public may address the Beaumont Basin Watermaster
               on matters within its jurisdiction; however, no action or discussion may take place on any item not on the
               agenda.  To provide comments on specific agenda items, please complete a Request to Speak form and provide
               that form to the Secretary prior to the commencement of the meeting.
           V.  Reports

               A.      Report from Engineering Consultant - Hannibal Blandon, ALDA Engineering
               B.      Report from Legal Counsel - Keith McCullough/Thierry Montoya, Alvarado Smith
          VI.  Discussion Items
               A.      Overview  of  the  Issues  Associated  with  the  Estimation  of  Groundwater  Storage
                       Losses due to Supplemental Water Recharge [Memorandum No. 17-12, Page 7 of

                              Recommendation:  No recommendation.
         VII.  Topics for Future Meetings

               A.      Groundwater Storage Agreement in the Beaumont Basin for the San Gorgonio Pass
                       Water Agency
               B.      Development of a methodology and policy to account for new yield from capturing
                       local stormwater in the basin.
               C.      Development of a methodology and policy to account for groundwater storage losses
                       in the basin resulting from the spreading of additional water sources.
               D.      Development of a methodology and policy to account for recycled water recharge.

               E.      Develop a protocol to increase the accuracy and consistency of data reported to the

               F.      Develop  a  policy  to  account  for  transfers  of  water  that  may  result  when  an
                       Appropriator provides water service to an Overlying Party.

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