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                                          MEMORANDUM NO. 19-12

               Date:                    June 5, 2019

               From:                    Joseph Zoba, Treasurer

               Subject:                 Consideration of Resolution No. 2019-02 Amending Section 7 of
                                        the Rules and Regulations of the Beaumont Basin Watermaster

               Recommendation:          That the Watermaster Committee adopt Resolution No. 2019-02.

               At the Watermaster meeting held on March 6, 2019, the members of the Watermaster
               Committee  discussed  the  process  by  which  water  rights  can  be  transferred  from  an
               Overlying Party to an Appropriator Party.

               The Watermaster Committee reviewed a draft resolution at a special meeting held on
               March 27, 2019 but referred the topic to an ad hoc committee comprised of Yucaipa Valley
               Water District and Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District and legal counsel.

               The members of the ad hoc committee have prepared revisions to Section 7 of the Rules
               and Regulations as provided in the attached Resolution No. 2019-02.

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