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V.    Consent Calendar

                       It  was  moved  by  Member  Jaggers  and  seconded  by  Member  Warsinski  to
                       approve the Meeting Minutes of the following dates:

                              1.     Meeting Minutes for February 6, 2019

                               AYES:                  Jaggers, Jorritsma, Vela, Warsinski, Zoba
                               NOES:                  None.
                               ABSTAIN:               None.
                               ABSENT:                None.
                               STATUS:                Motion Approved

               VI.     Reports

                       A.     Report from Engineering Consultant – Hannibal Blandon, ALDA

                              No report.

                       B.     Report  from  Hydrogeological  Consultant  –  Thomas  Harder,  Thomas
                              Harder & Co.

                              Mr. Blandon advised that Mr. Harder was unable to attend the meeting.

                       C.     Report from Legal Counsel – Thierry Montoya, Alvarado Smith

                              Legal Counsel Thierry Montoya reported that the resolution amending
                              the judgment correcting the scrivener’s error was filed with the court
                              and the court will probably sign it before the March 11 Order to Show
                              Cause hearing which would be the last chance for members of the Basin
                              to raise any challenge or comment.

              VII.     Discussion Items

                       A.     Discussion  Regarding  Draft  Resolution  No.  2019-01  Amending  the
                              Judgment at the Riverside Superior Court’s Request to Correct a Clerical
                              Error – An Incorrect Reference to “8,610 Acre Feet” on Judgment, Page
                              7, Line 26 – Correcting Such to “8,650 Acre Feet”

                                     Recommendation:    That  the  Watermaster  Committee  adopt
                                     Resolution 2019-01.
                              Legal Counsel Thierry Montoya indicated no discussion is warranted; the
                              Resolution has been approved and submitted to the Court.

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