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                                             Record of the Minutes of the
                                    Beaumont Basin Committee Meeting of the
                                            Beaumont Basin Watermaster
                                                    Special Meeting
                                              Wednesday, June 25, 2019

               Meeting Location:

                    Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District
                    560 Magnolia Avenue
                    Beaumont, CA  92223

                 I.    Call to Order

                       Chairman Arturo Vela called the meeting to order at 11:09 a.m.

                II.    Roll Call

                        City of Banning                                Arturo Vela              Present
                        City of Beaumont                               Kyle Warsinski           Present
                        Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District          Daniel Jaggers           Present
                        South Mesa Water Company                       NONE
                        Yucaipa Valley Water District                  Joseph Zoba              Present

                       Thierry Montoya was present representing legal counsel for the Beaumont
                       Basin Watermaster.

                       Staff  present  were:  Mark  Swanson,  James  Bean  and  Erica  Gonzales  from

                       Members of the public who registered and / or attended were: Mike Kostelecky,
                       and John Ohanian of Oak Valley Partners.

               III.    Pledge of Allegiance

                       Chairman Vela led the pledge of allegiance.

               IV.     Public Comments:


                 V.    Consent Calendar

                       It was moved by Member Zoba and seconded by Member Jaggers to approve
                       the Meeting Minutes of the following dates:

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