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1.     Meeting Minutes for March 27, 2019
                              2.     Meeting Minutes for June 5, 2019

                               AYES:                  Jaggers, Vela, Warsinski, Zoba
                               NOES:                  None.
                               ABSTAIN:               None.
                               ABSENT:                Jorritsma
                               STATUS:                Motion Approved

               VI.     Reports

                       A.     Report from Engineering Consultant – Hannibal Blandon, ALDA

                              No report.

                       B.     Report  from  Hydrogeological  Consultant  –  Thomas  Harder,  Thomas
                              Harder & Co.

                              No report.

                       C.     Report from Legal Counsel – Thierry Montoya, Alvarado Smith

                              Mr.  Montoya  reminded  that  at  the  last  meeting  there  was  note  of
                              possible ambiguity in the Judgment, Section 3 subsection B. He said he
                              provided  an  email  to  Board  members  on  June  5  explaining  his  legal
                              opinion that there is no ambiguity. The judgment signed by all parties
                              allows for the imposition of potable water charges on an overlyer who is
                              transferring rights to an appropriative party. One fee can be imposed;
                              another fee would not be imposed per Subsection ii Importation.

              VII.     Discussion Items

                       A.     Discussion and Consideration of Resolution 2019-02 Amending Section
                              7 of the Rules and Regulations of the Beaumont Basin Watermaster

                                     Recommendation:    That  the  Watermaster  Committee  adopt
                                     Resolution No. 2019-02.

                              Chair Vela reminded the Committee that this was tabled at the previous
                              meeting.  He  asked  for  clarification  on  transfer  and  earmarked  water
                              numbers. In response, Counsel Montoya explained previous dedication
                              of water to the Yucaipa Valley Water District. The Resolution provides
                              that  instead  of  tracking  the  water  by  correspondence,  it  would  be
                              tracked by Form 5, “Notice to Adjust Rights of an Overlying Party due
                              to Proposed Provision of Water Service by an Appropriator.” This would
                              clear up the process and workflow of the transfer, he said. Form 5 is an
                              existing  form  and  should  be  completed  and  submitted  back  to  the

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