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                       record levels on an hourly basis.  A new communications cable will be ordered for
                       this well since we have not been able to extract the data for the last four months.

               New Monitoring Sites

                   •  The  property  owned  by  the  Catholic  Dioceses  of  San  Bernardino-Riverside
                       counties, near Rancho Calimesa Mobile Home Park has three abandoned wells.
                       Two of these wells cannot be used at this time because the probe could not be
                       lowered; however, the third site has great potential.  This well is approximately 400
                       ft deep and the water level is at approximately 160 feet below ground.

                   •  We have approached Clearwater Operations to consider the installation of a water
                       level probe at Sharondale Well No. 1.  This company provides maintenance and
                       operations support to Sharondale HOA.  We are in the process of coordinating a
                       field visit to assess the feasibility of installing the probe.

                   •  At Plantation by the Lake, another potential monitoring well site, communications
                       with owner have not be reestablished.

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