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                   ✓  Figure No. 5 illustrates levels at three wells owned by the City of Banning in the
                       Southeast portion of the basin.  While water level at the Old Well No. 15 (Chevron
                       Well) has been fairly flat over the last two years, a somewhat significant and steady
                       decline, close to 23 feet, was recorded at Banning M-8 between the summer of
                       2015 and the winter of 2017.  The probe at Banning M-8 was removed in late
                       January  2018  and  was  reinstalled  this  past  May;  since  it  has  declined  and
                       additional  5  ft.   Water  level  at  Banning  M-9  has  fluctuated  in  a  13-foot  range,
                       between 2,134 ft and 2,147 ft. since monitoring began in the summer of 2015.
                       Currently, water elevation is at 2,138 ft.  Water level over the last six months are
                       not depicted in the figure due to problems with the communications cable.   It is
                       likely that the communications cable would need to be replaced.

                   ✓  Figure No. 6 illustrate recorded water level at BCVWD No. 2 and BCVWD No. 25.
                       Over the last two years, the level at BCVWD No. 2 has increased by over 26 feet
                       reaching its highest level in mid-May of this year.  Since, it has declined 4 ft.  Water
                       level at BCVWD No. 25 is in sync with BCVWD No. 2 despite of pumping close to
                       18 hours a day and it is also close to the highest level recorded.  Over the last six
                       months, the water level at these two wells has increased by 6 ft at each well.

                   ✓  Figure No. 7 depicts the recorded water level at the two newest observation wells,
                       BCVWD No. 29 and Tukwet Canyon Well “B”.  BCVWD is a pumping well that is
                       now more actively used to meet peak summer demands.  Water level at this well
                       has experienced a slight decline of 4 ft over the last two months.  Tukwet B is a
                       dedicated monitoring well in the southern portion of the basin; water level at this
                       well  has  been  fairly  stable  over  the  last  four  months;  however,  an  anomaly
                       occurred during the 4  of July weekend when the water level drop over 2 ft.  (See
                       Figure 7A) No explanation has been given for this occurrence.  Figure 7B illustrates
                       hourly water levels at BCVWD No. 29 and the On and Off TOU cycles used in this
                       well.  Please note how quickly the water level at this well drops and recovers.

               New Monitoring Wells

               During the last reporting period, no additional monitoring wells have been added.

               New Equipment Installation

               None during the reporting period.

               Troubleshooting Issues

               The following malfunctioning issues were encountered during our August 1, 2019 field

                   ✓  Banning  M-9  –  Communications  cable  did  not  allow  us  to  upload  water  level
                       information from the probe for the second time; however, the probe continues to

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