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                                          MEMORANDUM NO. 19-16

               Date:                    August 7, 2019

               From:                    Hannibal Blandon, ALDA Inc.

               Subject:                 Status  Report  on  Water  Level  Monitoring  throughout  the
                                        Beaumont Basin through July 31, 2019

               Recommendation:          No recommendation.

               At the present time, there are 16 monitoring wells collecting water level information on an
               hourly  basis  at  various  locations  throughout  the  basin.  In  addition,  there  are  two
               monitoring  probes  collecting  barometric  pressures  at  opposite  ends  of  the  Beaumont
               Basin.  The location of active monitoring wells is depicted in the attached Figure No. 1.

               Water levels at selected locations are depicted in Figures 2 through 7 and are described
               as follows:

                   ✓  Figure No. 2 – Water levels at YVWD Well No. 34 and Oak Valley Well No. 5 are
                       considered representative of basin conditions in the Northwest portion of the basin.
                       Water levels at YVWD No. 34 were not recorded between July 2017 and July 2018
                       due to several reasons including faulty equipment and repeated vandalism.   In
                       mid-summer 2018 a new probe was installed and the security at this location was
                       enhanced.  Water level at this well has been very stable in the last four years
                       increasing by two feet since August 2015 to the current elevation of 2,142 ft.

                   ✓  At Oak Valley No. 5 the water level declined by seven feet since March 2018, but
                       is showing signs of recovery and it is currently at an elevation of 2,133 ft.  This
                       elevation is two feet higher than when we started recording water levels in August

                   ✓  Figure No. 3 – Two of the Noble Creek observation wells are presented in this
                       figure representing the shallow and deep aquifers.  In the shallow aquifer, the water
                       level has increased close to 89 feet over the last two years from a low of 2,337 ft.
                       to 2,426 ft.; over the last two months, the water level at this well increase by 5 ft.
                       In the deep aquifer, water level has increased by 56 ft since the summer of 2016.

                   ✓  Figure No. 4 – Southern Portion of the Basin.  Water level at the Summit Cemetery
                       well  is  highly  influenced  by  a  nearby  pumping  well  that  is  used  to  irrigate  the
                       cemetery grounds.  The water level at this well continues to fluctuate over a 20-
                       foot  band.    Conversely,  the  water  level  at  the  Sun  Lakes  well  has  fluctuated
                       minimally over the same period as it decreased two feet over the last four years.

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